How to Start a Gardening Business

With the “not so great” market, folks today are trying to find every possible method to secure a living. If you are somebody who enjoys the outside and does not mind getting a bit dirty, a horticulture company might be the best fit for you.

Homeowners are eager to pay handsomely to a gardening service which is really capable of enhancing their yard into a verdant, lush place. Like plants, growing a company needs preparation and attention to be able to flourish. Therefore do not begin a brand new company without great preparation. Outlined following are some of the items that you will need for a successful horticulture company. Gardening business can be very tricky and you need to know a lot about garden pests like raccoons, squirrels and others, likely there is an amazing source for your disposal Continue reading

Why You Don’t Need a Masters Degree

The widespread belief is that having a masters degree will instantly advance your career, earn you more money, and generally just make you a better person. The fact of the matter is that some careers do require a masters degree. If you want to be a doctor, you better put in the many years of studying it takes to know how to take care of people and their various medical conditions. In other job fields, a masters degree is not so necessary. Success can be attained in almost every field without a masters degree, and here’s why.

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Facebook Contest, Open House & BBQ

Open House & BBQ at Q College, on Fri 24 June from 12 – 2.

Come along and have some free food and drinks and have a look around. Chat to our staff and get know more about what we do, or sign up for a course.

Enter our Facebook contest as well. Want to win 1 of 5 tickets to WildPlay? LIKE US on Facebook & post on our wall “What I would like to learn at Q College” to be eligible. Attend the Open House as well as Liking Us (and posting!) and you could win a ticket for 2 to the Imax.

Graphic Design for Web Development

When producing graphic assets for a company, website, product, etc., aim to produce versatile assets that can be adapted to a variety of image dimensions and simple design like this one;

Navigation Elements

As with all elements on a website, it is crucial that navigation elements remain scalable. They need to be able to stretch, shrink and accommodate a variable amount of characters. Often we will see the background graphic of a styled hyperlink changing throughout the different states of a link element (dormant, hovered, active, and visited). Continue reading

New WordPress Classes

Want to learn more about the world’s largest self-hosted blogging tool?

Whether you’ve just discovered WordPress or are an experienced user looking to sharpen your skills, our new classes will help you realize its full potential.

WordPress was once a simple blogging system, but is now an fully open source content management system with over 100 million downloads. It’s a unique, completely customizable tool that improves daily thanks to hundreds of global contributors. Continue reading

Image Optimization for the Web

There are several file types available for digital graphics. Each of these types has a different way of compressing the graphical data.

Tiff type files are non-lossy, they do not compress the files in any drastic. File compression that is lossy causes information to be lost, and non-lossy file compression does not.

For graphics where you have many colors and shades, try using jpegs. When .jpg files are compressed they save space by blending nearby colors together. Highly compressed jpg files often look blurry.

When a file is saved as a gif, the image is compressed by limiting the color palette that it uses. A highly compressed gif file will often look “pixelated”. By compressing a gif too much you run the risk of losing valuable colors. Continue reading