Facebook for Business

With over 500 million users, Facebook provides endless marketing possibilities for business owners. It allows you to create a community based around your business where you can update past, present and potential clients in real-time while gaining valuable customer interactions and feedback. No other marketing tool provides this kind of exposure without having to be a pushy, boring salesman.

Whether you have realized the potential of Facebook Marketing or have just heard the buzz, this course will provide you with the knowledge necessary to make it happen for yourself—no consultants required. Q College’s social media faculty works in the field as Social Media Marketers and Search Engine Optimization professionals. They have seen the transformation of marketing online firsthand and can provide useful knowledge and experience.

You will leave the Facebook Marketing for Business course with a step-by-step guide that shows you how to set up and market your business on the world’s most popular social networking website.

Some of the topics covered in the course and in the guide will be:

  • The difference between a personal profile, group, place page, and business page
  • How to set up a business page
  • How to set up a place page
  • Setting up your pages layout
  • Adding photos, links, status updates and questions
  • Using Facebook as your business
  • @ mentioning other businesses or people
  • What to post and when to post
  • Setting up a unique URL
  • Running contests on Facebook
  • How to add apps to your page
  • What is FBML?
  • Wildfire app
  • How to gain fans
  • Facebook PPC advertising
  • Social RSS
  • Linking Facebook to Twitter
  • Adding like boxes and badges to your website

This class is perfect for business owners, marketing managers, and anyone responsible or interested in social media.