Web Development & Internet Marketing

Get Mobile. Get Marketable.

Q College’s Web Development and Internet Marketing Certificate will give you a strong foundation in the fascinating field of web design and development. As a partner of Victoria’s leading web agency, Q College is at the forefront of new trends and technologies in the internet arena, and as a result produces knowledgeable graduates who will excel in the work force. As Adobe Certified Partners, Q College is in on the latest developments and web methods, including the hottest media tools of the moment—mobile devices.

Course Details:

This 11-week full-time course is a hands-on experience. Students will be trained by industry leaders who have extensive real-world knowledge of creating websites that are well designed, high performance and internet marketing friendly. You will gain expert knowledge of designing websites using professional standards like Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks and Illustrator and will learn how to put your site into motion with the innovative possibilities of Adobe Flash. Gain understanding of web standards via XHTML, CSS, Dreamweaver and the legendary content management system, WordPress. And to top if off, you’ll get insights into Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, plus a valuable overview of internet marketing and the powerful CMS system that is Drupal.

While this course can be paired with Q College’s Certificate in Open Source Development (making up a Diploma qualification), on its own it will provide a strong overall knowledge of the internet’s core fundamental abilities, allowing students to find work in their area of expertise. The information gained will be valuable in all fields of life, as the internet has become a necessary part of how humans work and express themselves. Contact Q College to discuss how this course can make your dreams and goals a reality. The web is exciting realm of communication solutions for businesses and individuals—be a part of it now!

Course Requirements:

You will have basic computer knowledge. We administer an interview and a basic skills assessment to ensure you have the ability to succeed in the course.